Ristorante da Teresa

Santa Croce Beach

Santa Croce’s beach is one of the more evocative places of Amalfi.

It rises in an inlet that divides Lone to Vettica Minore. The origin of its name is given by a little church (edicola) dedicated to SS. Croce, built in ancient age from the inside of cove that we can approach from the beach and today we can admire some rests of it.

Wood and coal was exported from this beach to Ducato di Amalfi and to other places in the past and the traders’ ships sailed from here to Jonio Coast.
Today, the beach, has lost its trades identity and it re-born as a great tourist vocation.

This is a place of relax and good kitchen, where it is possible to spend days in sunlight and to bath in the trasparent water of Divina Costa.

Bar-Restaurant “Da Teresa” rises on this magnificent beach and has comfortable beach beds and beach umbrellas.