Ristorante da Teresa

Our History

A Family History

In the Fifties Andrea Pinto, a young sailor, had a fish rigging warehouse on the Santa Croce Beach in Amalfi. It’s here that he carried out his activity and his life, between the escapes in boat and the family, teaching the sea secret to his son Raffaele that works as a bathing-attendant for a famous hotel of the area.

In those years the tourists came to Amalfi from other countries, thanks to travel reports of their compatriots and movies, show and international politic VIP, charmed by the crystalline sea of the Amalfi Coast and from the tranquillity of the places where you can spend the entire day.

Raffaele has always been a good worker, gentleman and hospitable person. He is a lover of theses places and, as the father did, he decides to live here with his wife and his sons. He had the attitude to organize every thing to give a nice time to the tourists.

He built a drink stand where he put some drinks refreshed from enormous blocks of ice that he bought them and he carried on the beach.

These are the first steps of “DA TERESA” bar.

Papà Raffaele‘s real passion was the fishing and he charmed his visitors with his tales and every summer evening organized with its boats, hunting of fish of totani and alici with them and Mamma Teresa cooked these fishes in the night for everyone after return of her husband. He also organized excursions and dinner every evening for its tourists. He was a Pescaturismo precursor.

These are the first steps of the “DA TERESA” restaurant.

This idea was a success. Raffaele bought a larger boat and he began a service shuttle from the wharf Pennello of Amalfi. He built a more larger kitchen in the natural cove situated on the beach.

Seventies, thanks to increment of the tourism, also Italian, with a little help from his six sons that see Santa Croce Beach as a home, applied for the licence for the bar and restaurant.
Many visitors reached on the Amalfi beach for the beauty of the place that for the cordiality of Pinto’s family.

In 1994 Papà Raffaele and Mamma Teresa handed over the bar and restaurant to their sons and they created a partneship to continue their activities.